Tuesday, January 4, 2011

warmth in a skirt

This photo of Carine Roitfield was really featured in the fab blog The Sartorialist . I think it's a great fashion picture on many levels. The outfit feels both comfortable to wear everyday, even with the fur trim, yet incredibly elegant. I like the bare legs, especially spotting the bandaid on the knee! I would certainly copy this look on some kind of level...maybe with a oversize sweater & add boots. Spotted this skirt at J.Crew in nightfall blue that is perfect. Am not trying to make this a fashion blog, but this winter is chilly and I hate to feel like I'm a walking michelin man.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Spied this lush hat on etsy from the maker onnesti . It is perfection in cashmere and so brilliantly named "Cashmere Pale Blue Furry Bjork Hat Ear Flaps". With temperatures here averaging twenty something, this is the hat to wear... soft, warm, beautiful blue with some bjork dancing in your ears.