Monday, June 14, 2010

What Home Means to Me..

I work from home frequently, so home and work coincide many times. I look for inspiring work spaces and often go to Herman Miller's Lifework blog for this inspiration, particularly the work of writer/editor, Cerentha Harris. I check out all the High Fives, Inspiration interviews and the playlists. Music always inspires! 

The best inspiring home offices are those that are calm, yet have that unexpected burst of color. And speaking of unexpected bursts of color, in my playlist of late, is crash years by the new pornographers.  I found this wonderful song and incredible video on another fav blog, girl in the green dress.

Cerentha posted an Inspiration interview in April about my good friend and sometimes collaborator, Interior Designer, Kelly Brown. I helped her paint her small, but stunning home office in Mythic Paint’s Heather Heights #197-2. A calm color, yet it captures the movement of sunlight well as you can see below.

The shots of orange throughout the office energizes me. We work here together often and this color never fails me. For both of us, it is a favorite color.

Lastly, Miso and Tofu, help us forge ahead on our projects. They keep us sane and balanced like all great pets! It may seem contrary that Home means Work, but I enjoy my work and my sometimes partnership with Miss Kelly Brown. Her west coast roots bring such a delightful twist to the east coast.

And your home/work/office inspirations?
I'm so enjoying this wonderful series by sfgirlbybay! Thank you!